All Songs composed and performed by

Tessa Angus.


( in order of abduction… )

Brendan Picchio - production, composing, guitars, bass.

Rolla Olak- Guitars

Glenn Moule - Drums

Amy May - string arrangement

Mario Nardi- Guitar

Josh Giroux: Piano, guitars, synth, composing

Arron alder- Bass, composing

David Palmer- Drums, programing, Composing… patience.

Brian- Magic dust/ hope

the elgin marvels- joy and confidence building

Fred Gibson- Production, vocals, piano, moog bass, guitars.

Leah Shapiro- Drums, writing

Chuck Kentis- Production, Arranging

Jackie, Fred White- Backing vocals

Peter Hayes: Guitars, Bass

Ian Gibbs- Guitars and bass

Robert Been- Guitars and Bass

Dave Levida- Guitars

Engineered by:

Austin Jux Chandler, Chuck Kentis, Wolfgang Archiholtz

Tessa Angus and Fred Gibson